Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The lull before the STORM

At last the grand old man of UMNO Baru decides to call it quits from the party that he created in 1988 when the original UMNO established by the late Dato' Onn was deregistered after it was deemed illegal by the Kuala Lumpur High Court .

However if Pak Lah and UMNO Baru thinks when Dr.M throws in the towel , that will be last that they will see of Dr.M , then they are seriuosly and gravely mistaken . Knowing our former PM , he's not the gung ho type of person who charges or withdraws without enough reserves in his pocket . At the same , no one could predict his next step as he is also known as to do something out extra ordinary and at times he'll do the exact opposite of what you , me and the rest of the 26 million Malaysians thinks what he will be doing .

So to Pak Lah and the rest of the UMNO Baru leaders who think that the worst is over , my two cents worth of opinion says Dr.M's act of leaving UMNO Baru is actually the beginning of a turbulent and turmoil journey for UMNO Baru !

Till the next time , I'm just being me.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Who are we ?

What maketh a man ? Is it his charming personality ? Standing in society ? Good deeds ? The answer I suppose will depend on the audience on whom the question are being posed . At the same different classes of society will gave a diffirent answer . The tycoon that build his empire on gambling casinos and legal lotteries might be a philanthropist to schools , orphans and welfare homes but are considered as villains by families who were ruined by fathers , mothers , husbands ,wives , etc who were hooked on gambling . Likewise those who make their riches by importing cars through AP's and later being investigated by the police in countries from where the vehicles were imported , can they be seen as role models ?

Be that as it may , it is not who you are but what you are that truly matters !

Till another time , I'm just being me.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

AL FATIHAH for Pak Rustam

I felt loss upon hearing Rustam Sani passed early this morning at his house . I'm sure bloggers , friends and foe alike felt the same . Semoga ALLAH mencucuri rahmatNYA keatas roh allahyarham Pak Rustam . Al FATIHAH !

A sad me today.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

All rise ! The Judicial Commission is coming

The proposed Judicial Commission announced by the PM recently should be interesting . The members of the legal fraternity were impressed . Even the AG seems to be excited ( or is he ?) . Let's hope that the PM make good his promises about putting back the Judiciary at it's rightful place prior to 1988.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Free the Judiciary

What transpired at the Bar Council's dinner at JW Marriot on 17.4.2008 is something that Tun Salleh and the 5 judges have been waiting for the past 20 years . Although no official apology was tendered by the present PM but reading between the lines of his speech , Tun Salleh and his brother Judges , finally received what were due to them although 20 years late and through the present government.

Be that as it may , the Prime Minister has a long way to go to place the Judiciary on it's formal high pedestal . The amendment of Article 121 of the Federal Constitution which reduced the present Judiciary to one of the department under the Prime Minister's Dept , must be done at soonest when Parliament convenes in these coming weeks.

Till that day , Just being myself as usual.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Manic Monday

Tomorrow will be a big day for two personalities from Penang . The PM of Malaysia who hails from Kepala Batas and the de facto leader of the Pakatan Rakyat whose hometown is Permatang Pauh . In the morning , Pak Lah will be meeting will all the BN leaders while DSAI will be joining PKR and other guests at night at the Sulaiman Kelab in remembrance of BLACK 14 which in short is his entrance in politics after being banned after his conviction at the trial of the century 10 years ago .

The question is what will happen in these two events . While Pak Lah will have his hands full in explaining to his coalition partners why the tsunami happened , DSAI will be rejoicing his comeback in politics with his allies and supporters. Either way , it will be an interesting Monday and I would give anything to be there , though I don't have much to give.

Till Tuesday , just being me !

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A penny for Mukhriz's thoughts.

The new MP for Jerlun who incidentally is the son of the former PM of Malaysia seems to be annoyed at Karpal Singh for calling Dr.MM a joker / clown . I think anyone will feel the same when someone started to call names towards their parents . That is understandable.

At the same , Muhriz's father had resort to the same in fact at times even worst . I wonder what will be Mukhriz's answer to a person who had called people who were on trial as traitors , sodomites , fellow UMNO members as stupid , half past six and lately labelling his former protege whom he used to treat like a son as the PM of Israel .

Mr.MP of Jerlun , you had said that you enter politics to help the rakyat and to make sure that justice is for everyone and will not hesistant to ' menegur sesiapa sahaja termasuk pemimpin UMNO dan kerajaan ' for that purpose .

Will you do the same to your beloved dad ?